Web Application Integration

Connect, automate and extend your systems.

We streamline, connect, web-enable and improve workflows via integrating systems.

OUR strength in integrating systems

  • Automating tasks
  • Creating links between two or more systems
  • Accessing information all in one place
  • Reducing time-to-serve via reduced manual input
  • Reducing cost-to-serve by allowing clients/.
    customers/suppliers to access more data in a
    secure, well constructed manner

Each business is unique

Every business is unique, and as such, the specific requirements are different from project to project. However, given our extensive history in this field designing and implementing systems for small, medium and large clients, we feel we have the expertise to identify ways your business processes could be improved.

We’d love to have a sit-down and see if we can help you and your business work more efficiently and discover where cost/time savings can be made.

Done through combining the following

  • CRM Systems – Customer Relationship
    Management such as Microsoft Dynamics,
    SalesLogix, SalesForce and so-on
  • Account systems – MYOB, Quicken, Xero and
  • B2B – creation of Business-to-Business software
    for just-in-time ordering, warehousing and so-on
  • eCommerce – purchasing, renewing,
    subscriptions – all manner of methods of
    collecting and accounting for payments
  • Cloud – guaranteed up-time; offloading routine
    tasks (eg image processing) and backup storage